• CASE is a solution that simplifies deployment of strong authentication methods.
  • It supports a wide range of authentication methods.
  • It is developed on open standards to enable easy integration and future-proof extensions.
  • An ideal approach to securely access web applications, corporate networks and more.

Utilization of case

Web Portal Security

  • CASE is a perfect solution for securing access to a web portal by means of strong authentication.
  • Features a simple-to-use extension with modules for Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Improves overal user experience as no additional login data on other associated portals are required.
  • A perfect solution for e-banking, e-government, e-shops and many other digital services.

Remote Access to Corporate Networks

  • Whether you are considering secure remote access by a VPN or desktop virtualization, CASE is the right solution for securing sensitive corporate data.
  • Standardized solutions are supported and can be easily integrated into various IT environments without major intervention occurring to the existing infrastructure.

Cloud Services

  • Cloud services, such as Microsoft’s Office 365 or Google’s Apps for Work, are becoming part and parcel of corporate information systems. As we ourselves use these services, we want to ensure that information is only accessible to authorized users.
  • This is yet another reason why CASE is ready to integrate with cloud services.

No need to fear strong authentication

Strong authentication is straightforward for most users – there is no need to remember complex passwords because a USB token, smart card or mobile phone can do the job for you.

All you need is a PIN, and the rest is handled by CASE!

CASE mobile

Easy with a mobile.

Forget about complex passwords or constantly entering OTPs. A login or transaction signature is made simple with CASE mobile.

CASE mobile is an all-purpose authentication and authorization application which enables:

  • easy login using a strong authentication method
  • payment order authorization
  • document signature
  • approval of annual leave by colleagues
  • plus many other functions

Whenever the use of on-line data proves impossible, QR codes are utilized instead or an OTP is generated.

If you already have a mobile app and are looking for SDK only, no problem, just drop us a line.


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